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Vocal Coaching

Whether you're a beginner, intermediate or novice, we're here to help you unlock your vocal potential!


Lee Bradshaw


Lee Bradshaw has a 20 year track record in music education, and as a vocalist himself has drawn on his skills to train a multitude of singers ranging from the beginner right through to ARIA award winning Artists, and has been referred to by some as the "voice whisperer".


He has helped long time professional singers realise areas of their voices they didn’t ever dream they could access, and has helped them to define and refine the sounds that audiences will identify as unique and powerful. He has conversely enabled fledgling singers to "find" their voice and set them off on a path of musical discovery and liberation.


We know how to identify the fears and apprehensions that can be holding back the "best" version of your voice. And the mechanics? Making sure you’re operation your instrument correctly is a pretty good place to start!

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Samantha U'Ren


Sam provides education, coaching and therapy to singers and other professional voice users to educate and promote good vocal health. Samantha provides one-on-one therapy, seminars and presentations on voice care to help prevent and recognise voice problems.

Samantha is a registered member of Speech Pathology Australia, The Australian Voice Association and the Voice Interest Group. She has training in Laryngeal Manipulation and a variety of voice techniques.


She also has a Medicare Provider number which this means you can claim on your sessions depending on your private health fund.


Helena Leijon Eriksson


Starting her own vocal training at age 11, Helena has been trained in classical as well as contemporary singing technique, giving her a wide span of previous experience and training.

Originally born in Sweden, Helena has been living permanently in Melbourne since 2015. With 18 years of singing and a diploma in Performing Arts under her belt, Helena is a professional singer who likes to get straight to singing with hands on vocal exercise, showing you how you can use your whole body to empower your voice, without confusing you with too many technical terms!

Focusing on connecting your posture, body, breathing and diaphragm, Helena's hands-on excercises will help you become more fluid in your singing and realising that it is all connected!

"I want to help you unlock your vocal potential by providing technical guidance along with foundational and basic skills that you can use in order to move forward with your singing."

Helena's singing style and training falls in the contemporary genre, everything from Pop, Rock, Jazz, R&B and Neo-Soul.


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