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Bradshaw Music Productions is housed in New Village Studios in Melbourne, Australia; which features a purpose-built 'live' space - large enough to accommodate a Jazz Big Band or large Chamber Ensemble - and also houses our Steinway Concert D grand piano;
as well as a beautiful Brodmann upright piano.


It's an amazing space for a singer, or any soloist to perform in - the stillness completely complementary to creativity - as many of our Artists take note of the first time they visit!


We operate a ProTools HD system for large multi-input sessions, and a Logic X system powered by Universal Audio for layered multi-track sessions, arrangement and sound design.


The Studio also features Sibelius for orchestration and charting.


Our microphones range from Neumann, Schoeps, Rode, AudioTechnica, sE, Shure, ElectroVoice (and others); and our preamp range includes Millenia, DigiDesign and Universal Audio Apollo.

Our Control Room features two beautifully appointed Brodmann monitoring speakers powered
by a Perreaux Amplifier.


Our DAWs are fitted out with software from Universal Audio, Slate, Waves, SoundToys, Valhalla, BozDigital; as well as a variety of hand picked specialty plugs.


We work entirely in the box, but have the option to mix and/or master with Neve summing and analog tube limiting if requested.

If you've got a vision for your music,
then you've come to the right place to capture it

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