Working with Lee has been one of the most incredibly

enriching musical experiences of my life. His deep passion,

creativity and knowledge has inspired me to grow as an artist.

Lee’s intuitive understanding of my musical identity has given me the

confidence to maintain musical integrity without comprising my voice..

Victoria K

Arthur, father of Victoria:

The single best decision I made for my daughters musical growth and musical career was to agree to work with and fully trust Bradshaw Music Productions and Lee Bradshaw with her musical journey.

Lee’s musical knowledge, musicianship, composition skills and productions skills are exceptionally high but fall a close second to his ability to see and hear an ‘Artists’ thoughts and needs and to then work collaboratively with an artist by allowing the artist to explore their own creativity before bring to life the artists exact vision.

His sage advice is sound and measured which has been paramount in my daughters growth and he has always kept my daughters needs first. Without Lee on her side I believe she would never be achieving the milestones in her musical career that she is now achieving. It is without exaggeration that Lee’s guidance, advice, assistance and mentorship have been the major factor in my daughters growing musical career.

Lastly, let’s not forget that his musical productions are of a World Class quality which is proven my the overseas recognitions that has been received for the music he produced for my daughter.

If you are looking for a word class producer, all round nice guy and mentor then look no further than Bradshaw Music Productions.

Quality and Class.

SOphie Keye


It has been a joy and a privilege to work
with Lee. I came to Lee with songs I had
been sitting on for years which I wanted to
record professionally but didn’t know where to start.

Thanks to working with Lee, not only have I ended up with a beautiful, professional product, I have also learnt so much along the way. One of the best things about working with Lee is that he is constantly teaching you about the arranging, recording, mixing and mastering process as well as sharing his experience and insight into the music industry. He has a wonderful ability to capture the sound you want for your record due to his skills as a musician and experience recording and writing for many different genres and styles of music.

Because Lee has recorded his own music he understands the challenges and joys Artists/ vocalists face when recording and is able to guide you throughout the whole process. I had a lot of fun working with Lee and I am so thankful for his hard work and desire to make professional recordings accessible to independent artists. It was also amazing to have musicians of such a high caliber perform on my record.

Working with Lee has given me a record which I love as well as a wealth of knowledge and tools which will help me continue developing as an artist. His arrangements of my songs are truly stunning, more than I could have hoped for or imagined.

I would highly recommend working with Lee.

Samantha U'Ren

Voice teacher , Voice THERAPIST

and professional Singer

I have worked with Lee in a variety of capacities for nearly 20 years. He has been my producer, music director, has composed songs for my upcoming album, completed arrangements on request and has taught me singing. I have built a strong and trusting relationship with Lee and I do completely trust him. He is an extremely talented Musician and perfectionist with the quality of work that he produces and always professional in his manner and delivery of projects. He is also very fair and not like others who are money hungry. Lee has a true passion for what he does and the people he builds trusting working relationships with. I have recommended Lee to many friends, colleagues and students, as I know they will be in great hands. The studio space is impressive with a full size Steinway grand piano and a variety of set up options for soloists and group recording sessions. 


As a singer and teacher, Lee has a strong knowledge of vocal health and will never push a singer beyond their limitations. He will always refer a singer who he feels may be experiencing vocal health issues when recording them and I admire a teacher/producer who cares about singers voices and their vocal health, as many don’t!. I would not go anywhere else or trust anyone else with my recording projects as I value Lee’s opinion (any he will always be brutally honest!). I highly recommend Bradshaw Music Productions and Lee.


Working with Lee has been one of the most enjoyable
musical experiences in my career. Recording my first solo
album with Lee has been an encouraging experience.
He has brought out the best in me from my songwriting, playing and singing. He simply makes it comfortable for me to do what I do and that is create music.



I met Lee through a mutual musician
Not long after, we started creating
and writing together. My inspiration that had been
clouded for quite some time was new-found in the
process! Lee has this crazy-great ability to understand what you are trying to say or convey with your music, even though you may have limited knowledge to explain it musically. He managed to "fill in the blanks" with what I was missing and lacking in my musical abilities as well as help me realise and lift up my strengths! Collaborating and creating with Lee has taught me immensely about myself as a musician and aided in finding my niche. It has truly been an invaluable experience.

Having worked with him on other projects, I have also come to realise he is incredibly versatile and can cater to any artist within any genre. Something that I also respect in Lee is that he truly invested, and keeps investing, his time and energy in my project. I feel he takes great pride in executing it as he would if it was his own solo project. I felt right from the beginning that my vision and music was in great hands. I couldn't recommend BMP and Lee Bradshaw enough



As an independent songwriter working with Lee has

created new horizons for the music and also helped promote

the Guitars For Veterans Australia program, which supports veterans with guitars and lessons to assist them with the challenge of PTSD. Working with Lee to craft new songs and express the mood and sentiment of each song has been incredibly rewarding and a positive experience. Lee has the vision, empathy and music creativity to bring a songwriters words to life. Whatever is produced by Lee, exceeds expectations.



Melda's mother Filiz:

As a mother of a young artist, it has been a privilege to watch my daughter work and collaborate in such a safe and nurturing environment. Lee is a talented, and highly experienced producer. He’s patient and always goes the extra mile to understand what my daughter want and helps her create her vision.

Our experience for her music projects have been everything I have wish it to be, from writing the song to creating the videos. Bradshaw Music Productions have a great team where we all work together finishing the final production. We love coming to the studio as Lee helps her create and craft her music as she had imagined it. I'm so happy that she is under the guidance of Lee Bradshaw.


Writing and recording my debut LP with
Bradshaw Music Productions was like a breath
of fresh air. I was finally working with someone who
understood the exact sound I was going for after years of trying to make it work with other producers. The process was incredibly fun & eye opening. The end product is honestly my proudest & favorite work to date. Lee has a way of bringing the sounds I’ve had stuck in my head for years to life.


CEO WA Youth Orchestras

Lee Bradshaw has provided composition, arranging and musical production services that have allowed us to deliver high-quality concert, commercial and community events across all musical genres. Commissioned projects range from $500,000 one night orchestra spectaculars with iconic superstars, film scores, educational programs and also sponsorship and outreach collaborations with our ASX top 20 sponsor. Lee has delivered innovative, creative and inspirational work on time, on brief and within budget.


From my experience with BMP. The love,
passion, experience and dedication Lee
Bradshaw has shown through the process of
writing and recording my first EP, has given me
a better understanding of song structure, the recording process and the music industry itself.' 


I am so grateful for meeting and working with the incredible team at Formation. From the creative mind of the award winning Gary Robertson, who directed and produced my first music video with the quality of a professional. To Helena Leijon Eriksson, with the invaluable knowledge of social media release and branding to bring my artistry to life.


After playing music professionally for
35 years and managing to release one album
of my own music in all that time, it took meeting
Lee Bradshaw to get me over myself and have the courage to do the next one. I had my dreams and wishes and I had music ready to go but I couldn't imagine myself successfully bringing it to light. Even my imagination was limited to what I thought I was worthy and capable of. 


So many of us artists are bound by similar afflictions; self doubt, no marketing skills, no understanding of anything other than our art, limited vision, holes in our musical knowledge, lack of perspective, lack of foresight. We all need help to get us past what seems like an insurmountable hurdle. I got lucky. A man with an ear for musical possibility, an imagination that is a spark for yours, a willingness to grow with you and push you, inspiring humility, a commitment to artistry and excellence and an understanding of taking something to completion. 

Lee helped me refine and improve my music, but much more than that, he backed me, put his time and passion into my work and inspired me to greater heights than I ever could have reached alone. I've thanked him too many times, and never enough. 



Lee is an incredible songwriter and producer.
Everything he does is EPIC!



I've been working with Lee for over
4 years, he's brought out the very best in
me as a musician and as a singer and also as a songwriter.


Working with Lee on my debut EP,
“The Problem With Manners” was an exciting,
refreshing and insightful experience. Lee sat down
with me before I had even started writing the record to ensure our mission was clear and that my expectations were managed every step of the way.


He challenged me musically and encouraged me to push the boundaries with my writing and was there throughout the entire process to ensure I stayed on track with where I wanted to go. Lee also helped me plan an appropriate budget before we started recording, to ensure I was aware of all expenses and hours that would be put into the project. We ultimately landed a completed record within my expectations of what it would cost.


His ability to interpret and deliver the production on my project the way I had envisioned was faultless and we are now working on our second project.


For any artist out there who is seeking an honest and committed mentor and producer who is conscientious and diligent about working with them to deliver their vision, then Lee Bradshaw is the man to work with.

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