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Welcome to the BMP Blog!

The blog is going to feature articles from everyone here at BMP and many folks
and artists who are either a) associated with us, or b) have or are working with us;.

Topics will range from opinion pieces right through to tech oriented articles, as well as articles relating to Artist Development and creative processes, right on through to marketing, branding and social media.

We might even throw in the odd review, interview or nonsense piece too!



Why your online presence is just as important as your music
By Isha Howard


"You finally have arrived at the point where you are ready to release your first track, and it has taken you at least a year to go through both the exciting and mundane parts of the song writing process. The days spent recording at the studio, the discovery of the sound you wanted to bring to life, and the moments where your creativity..."

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You're ready to release - Now what?! (Part 1)
By Helena Leijon Eriksson

"When planning a release for your project, it’s safe to say that before you got to that planning point, you’ve spent a dedicated period of time actually creating the music. You went through the stages from idea to complete final song/songs and this was most likely a carefully crafted effort that resulted in you now having that finished product in your hands...Now what?"

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The Loudness War
By Jeremy Chua 

“Can you make my song louder?” – This might be about the most asked request I have received from artists and clients over the last couple of years. The Loudness War refers to this very race for recorded music to be as loud as possible....."

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Fan culture Vs. Artist culture
and where to draw the line between inspiration and influence.
By Lee Bradshaw

"Should being a ‘fan’ and being an ‘artist’ be mutually exclusive, in the pursuit of a creative identity… I’ve been there. That record your idol put out - not quite as glorious or majestic as they once were; maybe the voice has aged; maybe the songs aren’t quite as strong; maybe popular culture has moved on…"

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