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Jeremy Chua
Helena Leijon Eriksson
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Jeremy Chua - Bio
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Led by Senior Producer Lee Bradshaw, BMP provides music production,
recording facilities, post production, and tailored creative services.

We help Artists develop their projects with an uncompromising level of musicianship and diligence.





In-house Senior Producer Lee Bradshaw has thrived in the music industry for over 20 years. Performing and writing concert music since childhood, Lee Bradshaw has been composing before he ever became a rock singer; or entered a studio as an apprentice producer in his late teens.


With a deep and diverse understanding of what it means to survive in the music industry, and to have a life in music - Lee is able to offer insight which is both unique and invaluable.

His personal catalogue of music includes over 500 songs; as well as an entire repertoire of concert music extending from solo/chamber and orchestral music; through to soundtracks. Lee’s incredibly broad and diverse musical reach enables him to push artists beyond their limitations, and has seen him cultivate an industry-wide niche as a trusted go-to figure.


His composition skill, coaching, artist development, and business instinct has made Lee a powerful ally to any independent musician or creative person alike.

Lee has worked with a range of esteemed artists such as Russell Morris, Ross Wilson, Christine Anu, Colleen Hewett, Normie Rowe, Lucy Durack, Samantha Clarke and Amy Manford, Lachlan Davidson, the Western Australian Youth Orchestra, Edith Cowan University Head of Keyboard Studies Anna Sleptsova, Quartetto Energie Nove, The Flinders Quartet; as well as members of the John Farnham Band and Noiseworks.

Lee has had his compositions performed globally to critical acclaim. As a vocalist he has toured throughout Australia, and performed in China to over 60,000 people - broadcast to 1.3 billion as the western headline act at the Haiku Golden Island Music Festival in 2012.

Lee lends his unique experience and insight to every project; enabling even the most esoteric vision to come to life.


He is currently producing several independent projects including a two year long recording project of the five final String Quartets of Beethoven; in conjunction with Quartetto Energie Nove and Radio Svizzera Italiana to celebrate Beethoven’s 250th anniversary.



jeremy .jpg



Jeremy Chua began his journey in the world of recording and production as a musician and guitarist.


With a special focus on Mixing and Mastering - Jeremy brings a musician’s sensibility and an essential objective perspective to every project he works on.


Jeremy’s particular aptitude for folk and ambient music, and a desire to highlight emotion - has resulted in an especially refined aesthetic which guides and informs all his work.


Through an international roster of clientele - Jeremy continues to push his craft with an extraordinary attention to technical detail, and a unique work flow which utilises the push-and-pull of granularity and balance.


Jeremy has now become an essential ingredient in the final musical outcome for many of the Artists he collaborates with.

Jeremy now brings his love and passion for music to the BMP team.




Helena is our uncatagorizable in-house everyday-expert!

From social media marketing; outlining your release plan; graphic design - Helena is an all-round branding guru. She’s also our specialist contemporary voice coach.

Self-taught by completing a range of different courses, Helena has managed to navigate the social media jungle, with a hands-on learning approach as she navigates perfecting her brand and strategy for her own original project LHĒON.

This makes Helena the perfect starting point for any Artist who is finishing up their project, as Helena has the perfect insight to the Artists’ perspective; being in the same shoes herself.

It’s a great feeling. . .

By integrating years of technical expertise and unwavering of imagination we rekindle a sense of wonder around music in artists and in audiences alike.

Our greatest passion is reached when we have helped develop the best vehicle for our artists to travel their musical road!

 It’s an ever greater feeling when you’ve helped that Artist define and refine that vision; who they are as musicians


Have a look through our website, read more about our services, listen to some of our work and take a minute to fill in the contact form; and we will be in touch to have a chat and to find out how we can help you on your musical journey.

 Meet the Team


In-house producer Michael Bradshaw is a forthcoming music professional and mentor. He celebrates originality and expression in his work. With every project, Michael seeks to produce music that stands the test of time and pushes boundaries.
With a progressive ear and an open mind, Michael is limitless with his approach. 


In popular music, hip hop, and electronica, Michael has carved a strong niche but his versatile portfolio has seen him produce and engineer jazz, soul, r&b, funk, rock, metal, indie, folk, and country records. 


Michael has an industry level understanding of modern music and can execute it with prestige. Being one of the few young producers to work in a commercial studio. 


With the attitude of a visionary, Michael constantly re-invents his approach and evolves with new styles. He takes pride in recognising unhatched talent, and brings the vision of an artist to life without compromise. 

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