To an Artist's Loved Ones

April 20, 2015


Nobody ever told a bird not to sing…


Why do birds sing?


It’s their form of communication and natural expression.


Pretty much EXACTLY the same reason an Artist paints, or writes a poem, or sings a song, or composes a Symphony, or writes a novel… or even doodles on a scratch pad.


It’s the way that young children learn to put their ideas into a meaningful form when they haven’t yet developed the skills of someone who’s had more time with our spoken language. And for those folks on a creative path, they continue to develop this form of expression throughout their lives.


You may have heard of some of them…


Bach, Mozart, Beethoven… Lennon and McCartney… Springsteen, Michael Jackson? Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Hemmingway? Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Picasso? Or maybe the name Speilberg or Lucas rings a louder bell?


I bet one of those folks has had an impact on your life…


So why is it that every creative person in the world has been told by pretty much everyone that crosses their path - not to ‘sing’?


“Stop that noise!”


“Don’t make a mess”


“Finish your school work before you do that!”


Or these…


“Get a real job”


“Make sure you have a backup plan”


“Get a qualification”


Sound familiar?


These are the ways that the creative person in your life has been told “no” - time and time again. And whilst those messages have more often than not been offered with the best of intentions, they create the worst of anxieties and guilt in the creative person who is simply trying to do something that is as natural to them as breathing.


Sorry, correction - something that is as ESSENTIAL to them, as breathing.


When you take that into consideration, they’re pretty tough folks huh? A quality you might not automatically associate with the 19 yr old guitarist asleep until 1pm (because he was out playing his guitar until 3am in return for a couple of beers)… who forges on when every sign and piece of evidence and every message given to them by the people they look up to points to “no” - is an incredible show of resilience and strength.


Don’t you think?



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