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Deep Dive Discovery session today!

Welcome to our Free Deep Dive Discovery Session!

During your session we will have a consultation with you about your goals as an artist, listen to your music, and figure out together how we can help to further explore your sound.


What does my session include?

●  Offer a professional and open consultation which involves guidance and feedback regarding your sound 

●  Our experienced and diverse creative team will learn about your current position and future goals as an artist

●  Help refine and define your aesthetic as an artist


Who are we at Bradshaw Music Productions?

At BMP we are a team who values originality and we aim to define and refine your sound
in order to create a distinct and unique musical identity. Our passionate team are open to working with artists of all genres and backgrounds and encourage independent artists to reach out.


Our studio also offers coaching for artists in post production services such as Organic Social Media Growth, Marketing/Release Strategy, PR advice, and overall Creative Direction to help get you where you want to be.

We have a network of Australia's most renowned session musicians, engineers, arrangers, songwriters and composers. Our team will work with you in our world-class recording studio to help bring your vision to life.

Reach out to our team below to find out more about our Free Deep Dive Discovery Session.

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